Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apparently, He Quit School Today!

I picked up my little man this afternoon and he announced that he quit school today.  Hmmm... what could have caused that drastic decision?  His teacher confirmed it in his daily email.  Yup, James is done with school, at least in his mind.  While I was trying to get information from him about why he quit, a lot of reasons came out but one in particular.  "Well mom, I can't go to school because I will be singing." James is adamant about joining the school chorus that is allowing 3rd graders in this year.  "James, if you don't go to school, you can't be in the school chorus." "Okay, I quit because I have homework." "James, if you don't go to school I will have to teach you at home and all of the work will be homework." Never did get anywhere on this conversation and homework was the usual horrible experience.  I did receive a very funny email from James' teacher relaying a very JAMES conversation.    I was a little later picking him up so his teacher stayed with him until he saw the van and this what said to his teacher as he walked away,  “Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll see you.” When asked why, he responded, “Remember, I told you, I quit school today.”  Hope I am able to drop him off tomorrow!

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  1. Too funny! I have worked with some boys that sound very similar to James and I have had some very similar conversations. I hope dropping him off today wasn't too dramatic!

    Miss Allison's Class