Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm Soooooo Itchy!

Today on the way to school James begged me not to take him to "that place." "Why not buddy?" "Because I get so itchy!" "What do you mean?" "Well, when I got to recess and lunch and I run, I get itchy." "Where do you get itchy?" "I just told you, on the playground!" "I mean, what part of your body?" "All over mom and it is horrible!" "Well James, when you run, you sweat.  The sweat is made up of water and other things such as salt." "NOOOOOOOO, I don't want salt on my body!!"
Poor guy, even the fun times of his day are difficult!
We pass the salt evaporation ponds frequently.  Did you know that most of your table salt comes from the Pacific
Ocean?  The evaporation ponds are located in the San Francisco Bay.  Next time you sprinkle salt on you food,
think of poor James and his itchy skin because of salt being an ingredient in his sweat.  

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