Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's All in the Definition...

So today, the three older members of our family were finishing up the movie that we had started last night.  As I have said before, our house is very open concept. The living room is two stories tall and opens up to the loft. James was upstairs in the loft on the computer playing games, so we decided we could finish.  We were watching the Hunger Games and in the arena scene.  James looked over the loft and told us to turn it off because it was too violent.  I asked him what he was playing on the computer, and he said " I don't know something called 'One Man Doom' or something like that."  It turns out that this was some kind of the Ninjago game. But it's all in the definition.  To him our movie was way too violent, his wasn't because he knows that it's fantasy. The movie has real people, and so that must be real. Reality and fantasy something that we are still trying to help him with.  Just another fun morning in our house. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
We are heading back into the second week of school tomorrow we hope it is another smashing one!!

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