Saturday, August 25, 2012

He Loves Me Anyway!!!

Yesterday was not one of my best days with my little man!  >here< Actually it started on Thursday afternoon >here< which was the beginning of my sour mood.  I am a very positive and happy person, but yesterday and Thursday were way too much for me!  My "angel child" at school (yes, he has had two perfect weeks at school one of which he didn't have an aide!) somehow turns into "devil child" as soon as homework is mentioned or he is asked to put down his DS and get out of the car and go to school.  I don't know why it happens but it does and I am left with a child who is vehemently opposed to being.............. well, civil.   I was so upset yesterday morning that I decided to go and see a movie before picking the kids up at school.
I chose Hope Springs because it was dubbed as a romantic comedy and I love Meryl Streep.  Of the 100 minutes of the movie, truly the first 197 minutes were depressing and the last 3 were "feel good".  There were very brief moments of comedy but I was really looking for something that had a much more upbeat feel.  Anyway, the afternoon and evening went pretty well as James didn't have any homework and Charlotte and I got caught up on or DVRed shows from the past week (GRIMM, ALPHAS, Master Chef, Perception).  Supper was simple and no one pushed anyone's buttons.
Score one for the Home Team!!!!
James slept through the night last night and just a few minutes ago, woke up and greeted me with his usual "Good Morning Mom!" and happy smile.  Gonna be a good day for sure!  James wanted to go on the computer which is a typical way to welcome in the weekend.  I told him that we had to talk about yesterday morning first.  "Okay mom, what happened yesterday morning?" "Well, you were very angry at me when you got out of the car at school and you told me that you hated me and I was a horrible mom.  Sometimes words can really hurt people." "Yeahbut mom, no matter what I say to you, I always love you!"


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