Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back Where it all Began!!

Today, we were looking through boxes.  It seems like we are always looking through boxes! Anyway, today our goal was to look through toy boxes to find materials for Charlotte's physics assignment.  She and her partner need to make an accurate water clock using materials from around the house.  Charlotte's partner hit the jackpot because literally we have everything..... if we can find the right box!  We found lots of great things for the physics and then something small caught my eye.  A sweet, tiny, blue baby cap that James wore in the hospital!  I grabbed it and wouldn't let it go back in a box.  But it made me remember the amazing feeling I had when I got to hold that amazing little man for the first time!

So today I choose to find my bliss in remembrance.  Here are pictures from his first month or so.... the first one is in the hospital and he has wriggled out of the hat.  Enjoy, I know I do when I have time to look back!

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